Bangladesh Workshop

Working with BRAC and dolphin conservation organizations in Bangladesh, Kevin conducted creative writing workshops for two weeks in May. The focus of these workshops were the endangered Ganges River Dolphins. Kevin spent one week working with members of the Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project to teach creative writing and conservation to nearly 40 children who live in small fishing community on the edge of a key Ganges River Dolphin “hot spot.” Kevin also spent a week working with a group of young women living just outside of Dhaka. These young women all participate in the myriad of programs developed by BRAC that are empowering millions of women around the world. To read more about the workshops, please visit the Dot-to-Dot Children’s Books Blog or follow us on Facebook, which you can see more pictures from Bangladesh.

The Sundarbans mangrove forest and adjacent coastal waters in Bangladesh are home to threatened dolphins and porpoises. Climate change is causing sea levels to rise in the Bay of Bengal and saltwater is encroaching into the mangrove forest. Water use in neighboring countries is putting additional pressure on freshwater supplies. Without enough fresh water to flush away sediments, smaller channels in the Sundarbans are gradually becoming clogged with silt. As a result of the habitat loss, fish populations are decreasing and causing problems for the ecological foundation of Bangladesh’s food security and economy.

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