Afghan Workshop

In the fall of 2010, our nonprofit partner Help the Afghan Children (HTAC) conducted a creative writing competition focused on creating stories about the snow leopard in Afghanistan over the next few months. A dozen young women who attend HTAC’s all-girls Rokhshana Girls School in Kabul participated in the workshop, helping to generate content for An Afghan Dream, which features a young girl in rural Afghanistan whose dream leads to a deeper connection to the old snow leopard who lives nearby.

The rugged mountains of central Eurasia include some of the highest mountain peaks in the world, a favorite habitat for the endangered and elusive snow leopard. Conflict with humans is the primary threat to snow leopard populations. Snow leopard bones are used in traditional Asian medicine and their pelts are prized for fur coats. Snow leopards are also often killed by herders wanting to protect their animals. Human encroachment further threatens the species by causing loss of habitat. Explore the world of the snow leopard at – this curriculum was developed by our partner Facing the Future.

By investing in local communities that bring together leaders, elders, parents, teachers, and students, HTAC generates a sense of ownership in their schools for long-term success. Capitalizing on the innovative programming established by HTAC, Dot-to-Dot Children’s Books will work with one of its schools to produce educational materials and content for a children’s book. Go to the Store