Our Story

As an organization, we are not afraid to admit that this may sound dramatic or clichéd, but we believe that the world is full of an unseen hope that resides within each of us.  We know that all people have something to offer, if only a story or a blessing.  We are not trying to save the world; we simply hope to offer people a place to start when they seek to address the tough issues in their lives or in the world.  Understanding the spirit of generosity in the modern world is not easy.  For most, it is difficult to know where to start.  Recognizing that generosity is fundamentally a reciprocal phenomenon, we seek to harness the creative capital in the world to generate opportunities for self-empowerment in those parts of the world that are often neglected despite widespread media coverage.  For us, this is about relationships in their simplest form. 

As a small nonprofit organization, we believe we have stumbled upon a very powerful model, a model that literally allows us to take on some of the worst situations in the world to try to do something to change the fundamental life circumstance of real people.  Our model gives us the power to read a New York Times article about a terrible situation somewhere in the world and then react in a meaningful way. 

Derived from the creativity of the world, our products will promote development in some of the world’s most needy communities, improve education in industrialized countries, increase cultural understanding, and heighten awareness of important global issues.  We also hope to inspire action against the tough problems in the world that people assume cannot be changed.  Maybe people make assumptions because we need some level of predictability and consistency in our lives.  But we want to avoid embracing a defensive posture that might cause us to proclaim that we have simply done something when in fact we might have done better if we had considered a more creative possibility.

In an affluent society, we have the intelligence, the resources, and the creative spirit to improvise and make it right.  Our history bears witness to our ability to innovate and the memory of this should will us to do the same now.  Acknowledging the record of both our accomplishments and failures, as well as our human potential in our national consciousness will allow us to embrace a larger reality that is full of possibilities.  Doing this will allow us to move beyond the addictive rhythms and rhetoric of daily life and transform our point of view so that we are better able to make complex transitions without losing our integrity.  The basic tune in our hearts and minds remains but it is time for us to improvise and play more inspired and memorable notes.

The human record teaches us that we are indeed quite strong and resourceful and that we can adapt and grow.  In history, it has typically been the understanding of the dynamic nature of the human spirit that has led to greatness.  It has been those who were willing to open themselves to that spirit who have had the confidence to deviate from the norm in their words and actions.  This has been the source of human generosity, perseverance, and persistence whenever we have had to face difficult human realities.  In the end, this is our place to start.  Maybe it is yours as well.