Our Mission & Core Values

Dot-to-Dot Children’s Books views children’s books as wonderful platforms for affecting social change: we engage young women and children around the world in writing children’s books, providing them with an enriching and empowering experience; our books highlight regions and cultures around the world, as well as important global issues, educating the children, parents, and teachers who read our books; sales of our books raise money to support the causes featured in our books; and our projects bring together scores of individuals around the world to edit, design, illustrate, test, distribute, and share our books — giving people around the world an opportunity to make a difference.

Core Values

Effective action originates in the first person.

Thinking in the first person compels people to action in a unique manner—it evokes a more committed sense of responsibility. We approach our relationships with a first person perspective; therefore, we work with others as partners.  We do not seek patrons, nor do we seek to be patrons.  We believe in working together in mutually beneficial relationships.  We will work persistently to create value for everyone who is invested in Dot-to-Dot Children’s Books so that they are always confident in their relationship to us.

Social entrepreneurship is powerful.

The entrepreneurial spirit within the private sector is central to effectively addressing complex issues in the modern world.  We know this because the private sector can generate social as well as financial returns.  By focusing on the development and sale of products, we seek to capture value from the private sector and redirect it to the nonprofit sector. Our hope is to translate our success into opportunities for communities that face serious challenges in the world.

The world is driven by ideas—it is inspired by stories

From these ideas evolve the narratives that inspire us.  In the 21st century, dynamic, positive characters and plots are the basis of increasingly valuable creative capital.

All people have something valuable to offer the world.

Dot-to-Dot Children’s Books develops and promotes stories and materials from a variety of geographies, cultural and physical.  We recognize that all people can participate in the global economy if their creative capital is accurately aligned to the appropriate market.  Accessing the open market is difficult for many people in the developing world.  Dot-to-Dot Children’s Books embraces the challenges of facilitating this process.